What is the #1 challenge Amazon FBA Sellers face?

What would you say if we told you that your #1 challenge as an Amazon FBA seller isn't cash & capital, inventory or even PPC Ad spend?

No matter what level your business is currently at, your #1 challenge is how you find and execute Opportunities.

Do that # 1 thing well, and you will ALWAYS be successful.

A Story

When I was early in my FBA business, I got really good at finding retail arbitrage products with a great rank, and a great ROI.  I would do a test buy of 2-5 units.  Then I would re-up a few more, or buy out a store... and then because it was so successful, I would source online or wholesale and get a case or two of that product at a better price.   (One month, I sold $5000 worth of Q-Tips in a month for a huge profit.  That was a hoot!)


Every single time I found a run-away winner, something would happen and I would be left sinking money into something that sucks up all my capital and now I am finding 100's of MORE great products, but now I have no money to buy them.   I was missing out on opportunities.


The thing I found was that I could only get to a few hundred SKUs and then I couldn't manage it anymore.  It was just too much activity.  Pricing, listings management.  Re-upping inventory after price-shopping from multiple sources.  Multiple opportunities were at my fingertips, which is the best one?


People who are serious about scaling their sales know that in order to grow, you need processes and systems.  Successful people know they need to invest time, effort and money in order to grow a business.   People who have gone through the pain of financial losses intuitively know that if one opportunity closes, a new one presents itself.  It sucks, but it can also be very good. 


But you need to be continually feeding that opportunity funnel.  You need to be curating it and building patterns of success that will be repeatable and make you more money with less effort and with more confidence.   You don't need to be blind-sided by missing out on a deal just because you're comfortable selling what you already know.


- Tim McKay, MBA, GDM, B.Sc., Founder of Arbinon.com, Inc.

Rule Your Realm by Doing Something Different

Don't be afraid to try something new.

We've done a lot to make getting started easy, and running your business easier.

Here's a few of the main challenges we hear from Amazon FBA sellers and what you can do to make your life easier for yourself.  

Spend more time working ON your business and less time working IN your business.   That's the essence of how you can Rule your Realm!

Amazon Stock Limits are Driving me Crazy!

Amazon has been changing the ASIN level and total stock level limits like mad this past year and a half!  Staying on top of that is a huge problem.

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Workflows for Every Seller

  • Running out of stock in FBA?  But how much should I order?
  • Problem solved.   Arbinon.com tracks your stock and sales, and predicts how much you should buy while staying inside the Amazon limits.
  • Click of a button.  Pretty easy.

Seller Central keeps changing and I just need to get my FBA Shipments Out the Door!

Amazon keeps changing the Seller Central interface.  Eliminate that confusion by using a software that will let you work without things changing a lot.

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Workflows for Every Seller

  • Works for Amazon.ca and Amazon.com
  • Similar workflow as "others" out there - easy to transfer your knowledge and train your team
  • Works for RA, OA, PL and Wholesale models
  • We keep adding more features to simplify it and handle more scenarios - so far we handle box content details - and we're doing more to make it EASIER for you to get shipments done faster

I'm selling a lot but my bank balance isn't increasing.

There are lots of systems that "track" your COGS.  But, pretty much all of them out there only do that if YOU come up with that number!  Arbinon.com does the math for you.

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We do the hard part

  • Find out why your bank balance isn't going up
  • We track how many units you buy at what price
  • We track how many units you sell, and apply the right cost to that sale

What kind of lifestyle do I want? What does that look like?

What does it mean for you to be successful?  What does that picture look like?  How will you measure your progress?

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Craft your Path

  • Crunch the numbers so you know what level of investment you will require for the after-tax lifestyle you desire

I have more opportunity than money, and can't keep track of it all!

Let's face it, you make your money when you buy the products you sell.  Concentrate on the best opportunities.

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Develop your Opportunity Funnel

  • Source from multiple suppliers to get the best price
  • Keep finding new suppliers
  • Keep finding new categories, brands and products
  • Stay organized by putting it all in one place
  • Share it with your team
  • Owner - spend your time building your funnel, let your team handle the rest!

My current system is too limited

Brass tax, you can do a lot of stuff in arbinon.com

Click the down arrow to explore what you can do today.  And the cool thing is we ain't done.  We're adding more stuff pretty much every week.

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Workflows for Every Seller

  • Business Goals Calculator - calculate how much after tax money you need to support your most-awesome lifestyle
  • Expiry Date Calculation - figure out the minimum expiry date on goods that have limited shelf life
  • Opportunity Management - create the business rules that govern how your products are sourced and listed 
  • Inventory Management - create and manage  all the details for unlimited inventory stock SKUs 
  • Demand Estimator - our proprietary demand estimator crunches the math to estimate how much stock you need to buy to keep in stock for X days based on taking Y days to get it into Amazon FBA
  • Supplier Management - track your database of suppliers, contacts and details in one convenient place - load unlimited SKUs and multiple price points for each SKU
  • Procurement Management - buy your goods like a pro, handle receiving and also returns tracking to your vendor
  • FBA Inbound Shipments - streamline Amazon shipment creation, print FNSKU labels and send the box content details to Amazon 


What we also can say:

  • Full FIFO-based COGS for inventory tracking and management
  • Works for Amazon.ca PLUS .com
  • Multi-currency through and through
  • Web based - nothing to download and install
  • Works with Dymo label printers
  • Ready to Start your Journey?

    Arbinon.com ERP software is now open for all.  We are proud to be part of your success journey.

    No credit card required.   You do need an active Amazon.ca, Amazon.com or Amazon.com.mx PROFESSIONAL Seller account in order to use our ERP.

    To begin your free 30-day trial with our system, just slick that slick orange button.  Let's get you hooked up!

Rule your Realm with The 5 P's of Ecommerce

Rule your Realm with arbinon.com's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for Amazon Ecommerce Business Owners. 

  • Ready to Start your Journey?

    Arbinon.com ERP is now open for all.  We are proud to be part of your success journey.

    No credit card required.   You do need an active Amazon.ca, Amazon.com or Amazon.com.mx PROFESSIONAL Seller account in order to use our ERP.

    To begin your free 30-day trial with our system, just slick that slick orange button.  Let's get you hooked up!

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