Struggling with Flipping between Amazon Sites Over and Over?

Get the FREE OAsearch by pair of powerful Chrome Browser Extensions that make the mundane tasks of searching and opening multiple browser tabs a breeze!

100% FREE forever, no gimmicks, no passwords, runs on your desktop browser not our servers.

OAsearch RAPTOR - accelerates flipping between and

OAsearch REX - gives you quick ways to do common Amazon related searches like Tracking IDs, or Product Searches on popular Online Retailers

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What you can do

Select Something to Search from ANY Page

Simply select any keyword, ASIN, UPC, product title, whatever you like on any page your browser can open.  Click the RIGHT mouse button to search Amazon or any of the 60+ built-in websites.

Flip from .CA to .COM and Back

OAsearch RAPTOR lets you flip from .CA and .COM and back with the click of a button added to the top of every and web page.

Great, FREE, addon for your Virtual Assistant

OAsearch is used around the world.  Many sellers are providing this FREE tool to their virtual assistants which makes it easy for them to find products on the CA and COM websites instead of defaulting to their geo-localized site.  Huge time saver!

Search Dozens of Retailers and Sites

16 US based retailer and deals sites

18 Canadian based retailer and deals sites

Ebay Canada & US by Sold/Active/Completed status

Amazon Seller Application / FBA Fees Calculator link

much much more!

What people say about it

Thank you for adding those changes and new sites, thank you for doing that

I literally use OAsearch [RAPTOR] every single day!

Want to see it in action?

OAsearch Chrome Extension by have been featured in Amazon courses, masterminds and preeminent Amazon Facebook Groups.

Maybe you want to see what it does first?

Check out this video and be sure to download both free extension today!