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Your business is growing and in order to keep your sanity, you probably need to get out of your spreadsheet hell.

Get yourself into a database where you have fewer loose ends to track everywhere.

Founder's Plan

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Planning Features

Business Goals

Calculate your monthly income based on annual and monthly household expenses at your income tax rate, so that you know how many sales you need to make and how much inventory you need to buy to get there.

Expiry Date Calculator

Factor in various lead times and product usage to get T.O.S. compliant Expiry Dates for perishables.

Quick Lookup

Cross search product details by product name, UPC/EAN/ISBN or ASIN across multiple Amazon marketplaces in one screen.

Demand Estimator

Proprietary forward looking demand estimator to predict how many units / cases you need to replen.

Opportunity Management

Business rules that drives your business.


Chrome Extension #1

OASearch REX

Chrome Extension #2

Product Features

Inventory Management

Unlimited SKUs (your SKUs).

Procurement Features

Supplier Management

Unlimited Supplier.

Unlimited Supplier SKUs.

Procurement Management

Unlimited Purchase Orders.

Unlimited Receiving Orders.

Unlimited Supplier RMAs.

Placement Features

FBA Inbound Shipments

Create Amazon-compliant FBA Inbound Shipments complete with box content details submitted by data feeds.  Automated listing creation on existing ASINs.

Profitability Features


FIFO COGS and multi-currency tracking of Unlimited Orders.

Service and Support

Ticketing & Chat Support

Visit https://arbinon.freshdesk.com 24x7x365.

Knowledgebase Articles & Videos

Workflow procedures, HOW-TOs, Release Notes and Backgrounders on everything arbinon.com.


Forums covering a variety of topics that are moderated by arbinon.com team members.

Warning: Founder may be lurking to see how he can make it easier for you to Rule your Realm.

VIP Onboarding & Consultation

We guide you on your onboarding strategy and handle your onboarding setup.

  • Suppliers
  • Supplier SKUs
  • Supplier SKU Price Points
  • Stock Unit SKUs
  • Historical COGS

Founder's Plan

Free Plan

Monthly Fees

(USD per month per account)

$ 150


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