Rule your Realm – An Origin Story

My Amazon journey started on Amazon in Q4 of 2017.  At that point in my life, I had just been forced to wind down my million-dollar consulting company of 20+ years.  That phase of my life ended after the oil prices collapsed, and 95% of my clients were in the energy sector.  I worked crazy hours, and spent crazy money trying to revitalize that business I also realized I didn’t really love to run anymore.  All that effort and money wasn’t enough to bounce back.  I had hit rock bottom, in the hole six figures, and I needed a new plan for work and life.

My wife rolled her eyes and thought I was totally crazy for spending $100 at an estate sale. 

I bought several boxes of unopened DVD and VHS Box Sets.  Bless the hoarders of this world!  That small investment turned into over $4000 in sales, though some took a while to sell out.   Not too shabby.

That led to thrifting, which led to retail arbitrage, and growth to about $30,000 in sales.  Not bad growth for starting with $100 and maybe another $500 over six months, and rolling profits back into the business, while only working on this part time.  I definitely didn’t have the capital to grow to where I wanted. 

I also realized that even at my small stage I had found that the amount of data from Amazon, Keepa and suppliers was getting out of hand.   I was starting to get disorganized and making mistakes and made bad purchase decisions and was seeing more slow moving stock than I liked because of that.   I was trying to figure out how to get into Amazon.Com from here in Canada, but it seemed that the capital I had wasn’t enough to keep up with the replens I had in Amazon.Ca and expand into the US with extra shipping costs and even more information to collect, analyze and track.

The software out there was almost totally useless for me. For various reasons.

So.  Being that I am an expert in software development, I did what I do best, and began making a simple program that I could use to create my FBA Inbound Shipments for Canada and also for the US if I got to that point.  

This began to grow and I realized quickly others had the same problems I have.   So.  I began to work on making this arbinon.com.  Since about summer 2019, I have been using arbinon.com for all of my product purchasing and all of my FBA Inbound Shipment creation for Amazon Canada and Amazon USA.  It works.   I know it is working for those purposes and stand by it.

But, as I got going, I realized, “Heck Yah”, I got past those restrictions of the competing software and I could grow my business beyond their limitations!  Holy fruit!  I pierced the envelope and didn’t even realize it!  I got to expand into Wholesale and now am a six-figure seller.

Arbinon.com was directly responsible for me being able to grow from a five-figure seller to a six-figure seller.   Seriously.  That is the power of a system.

But of course, I am a very creative person and have expanded on my vision for arbinon.com, and now it’s a full-blown ERP.  It’s a fancy way of saying it does a lot of stuff and will save you time and money.  It will make it possible for you to get to the next level because I don’t want you to choke on data and die in spreadsheet hell.

In antiquity, Kingmakers were the royal officials that performed the coronations of Kings and Queens.  My vision is that his software will help others just like me break significant barriers your business.  I think it is so cool when people go from 5- to 6- figure sellers. It’s even more cool going from 6- to 7- figures… The day that happened in my old consulting business was a great day! I definitely couldn’t have grown to 6-figures in sales without arbinon.com, and I definitely couldn’t have done it with the other software out there.   I am working my tail off to make this software work on growing you from 6 to 7-figure sellers.  The key to success is making the software do stuff for you so you don’t have to waste brain cells and your time doing menial calculations.  My vision is to make it possible for one-click execution of tasks that otherwise takes you hours and hours to do.  In my mind, that’s what it means to be a “Kingmaker”. 

It’s not 100% there yet.  But.  The foundation is totally there.   I am so happy to see people coming onto the system, and am even happier to be a part of helping you Rule your Realm.


Tim McKay, MBA, GDM, B.Sc.

CEO Arbinon.com

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